Building your own home gym has never been this easy when you choose Home Gym Australia! We have the best home gym essentials to help you build, improve, and maintain your perfectly healthy body.

Discover our wide variety of home gym equipment

Cardio Exercise machines


Find convenient, space-saving treadmills with powerful motors that can deliver your personal fitness needs in the comfort of your home. Want to train for a marathon or simply prefer a heart-pounding warm-up exercise? A treadmill is all you need!

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Elliptical Machines

An ideal machine for an overall body workout that stretches and works out your arms, legs, and strengthens your core without overly exerted impact and effort. You can choose between different elliptical machines to cover your desired upper or body workouts.

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Stationary Bikes

Cycling burns calories and excess body fat effectively while improving your cardiovascular, muscular, and respiratory health. Enjoy staying healthy indoors by choosing one from our high-quality stationary bikes.

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Vibration Platform

Enjoy exercising using whole-body vibration without exerting much effort. These machines send vibration energy all over the body that helps improve blood circulation and contract and relax the muscles as you stand, sit, or lie down on the machine! Home Gym Australia carries the best brands for you.

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Rowing Machines

Tone your arm muscles and strengthen your core with this excellent exercise machine that replicates how you try rowing a real boat! This underrated but highly effective power cardio workout equipment might just be the best choice for you!

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Stair Climber Machines

What a great way to do your cardio exercises when you don’t have many stair steps at home. With a stair climber machine, imitate the action without putting on extra stress and impact on your joints.

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Gym Machines

Teeter Hang Ups

Inversion tables or teeter hang-ups relieve back pains and are professionally recommended to aid in eliminating symptoms of spine disorders and other muscular issues and conditions (strains, spasms, cramps, etc.). Using your own body weight and the natural force of gravity, let this home gym equipment relieve the pressure on your back and realign your spine before and after every workout!

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Chest Press Machine

Also known as bench press machines, you can build strength and muscles on your upper body with this home gym equipment that adjusts based on your capacity and need. Start working on your pectorals, triceps, and deltoids from the lowest available weight with a few repetitions and advance gradually to safely and effectively achieve your ideal upper body form.

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Leg Press Machines

Commercial gyms have these bulky pieces of equipment that include horizontal and 45-degree leg presses. Don’t fret because, with Home Gym Australia, we have the right equipment design that is made compact and space-friendly for you to enjoy targeting your quads, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles and building a powerful core and lower body in the comfort of your home. Choose from the different leg machines we offer to complete your home gym setup!

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You cannot complete your weight training without these home gym staples. Home Gym Australia provides a variety of brands and a wide selection of barbells, curl bars, tricep bars, and many more!

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Boxing Bags & Stands

Enhance your cardio workout using this gym accessory. Are you into martial arts? A punching bag is essential to your daily training. This versatile gym equipment for home can even help you release some pent-up energy to relieve stress!

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Massage Guns

After a tiring and energy-filled workout or training, relieve the soreness and knead those tired muscles with a percussive massager gun. Likewise, use this gym equipment to loosen your muscles pre-workout to avoid cramps and strains.

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What better way to relieve those achy muscles and soothe your post-workout body than to go to a home sauna. Buy everything you need to set up your own sauna at home with Home Gym Australia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having my own gym?

Working out is a form of commitment. We say that because we know that it is not easy to stay dedicated to a commitment, even if it is for your own sake. With this question, two things first come to mind – convenience and consistency. Let us answer this question to inspire every one of us to start taking our health and body seriously.

It is convenient. By convenience, we mean you save time and money in the long run. With a home gym, you do not have to travel far and long to go to a local gym since all you need to work out is in the comfort of your home. Moreover, no gym memberships, gas fees, and other workout expenses will be added to your spending once you purchase your own home gym equipment.

No excuses, no procrastination. How can you think of ways to skip the gym when all you need to work out is inside the house? Committing at least 30 minutes of your time every day to flex and stretch your muscles is so easy, you wouldn’t need to talk yourself out of it.

Make working out a family affair. Want the whole family to start taking care of their bodies more? Schedule a work out session with the whole family. Let them enjoy their workouts individually by helping them create their own workout routine that targets different body parts. Staying fit together as a unit creates a positive vibe and a stronger bond between family members.

It is for personal use. We know that many commercial gyms sanitise and care for their gym equipment and machines, but you can never get rid of all the sweat and grime from other gym-goers, right? With your own gym machines and fitness tools, you can be sure that they are all clean and hygienic.

How should I start?

If you are planning on having your own gym equipment at home, you may have seen the benefits of having personal and convenient access to them anytime you want. So what should you do first? Here are some tips that could help you set up your home gym.

Determine your fitness needs. Building your home gym is an investment. Purchasing a piece of gym equipment without knowing what it is for is a complete waste of money, to be honest. Be sure that you know what body parts need to be targeted, and what type of home gym setup to fit your lifestyle.

Find out where you will place your home gym. Designating a specific space for your home gym is ideal so that it won’t look cluttered or disorganised. However, we have to admit that not everyone can accommodate bulky equipment at home. So, in relation to your workout requirements, find out how much space is needed for a machine or fitness device so that you can easily allot an area in your house where you can freely use them. Most of our clients invest in premium-quality gym equipment that can be easily stored after use, like treadmills, ellipticals, and many more.

Know your budget. If home space and money are not issues, it is so easy to purchase all pieces of gym equipment and devices that you and your family need. But if your expenses are tight and you are on a budget, it is necessary for you to prioritise certain machines first that can perform several workout routines. For more information and advice, have any of our friendly sales staff and trainers answer your questions and address your concerns with regard to choosing the first home gym equipment that you would require.

What are your home gym essentials?

Because there are now so many machines, devices, tools, and accessories that you can purchase either in-store or online, it is difficult to know which are the ones that you really need and can take advantage of at home. To give you an idea of which items you should invest your money in, here are our top picks on what to get first.

Weights. You can choose between dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells to provide the arm and core workout that you need at home. We recommend purchasing 3 sets of weights with different load capacity so your workout will not plateau or stay stagnant. You can also purchase weight plates compatible with your barbell to advance your lifting performance.

Treadmill. The use of this equipment is so versatile. Walk, jog, or run as fast or slow as you would like and still be able to achieve a whole-body workout in one machine.

Elliptical machine. A complete cardio workout in one outstanding machine that can cover all your upper and lower body fitness requirements.  Treadmills and elliptical may be a bit expensive, but your decision to purchase them is undeniably worth your money.

Other fitness items you can have in your home gym:

  • Medicine ball
  • Jump rope
  • Yoga mat
  • Boxing/Punching bag
  • Stationary bike
  • Rowing machine
  • Stair climber machine
  • Massage basics (massager gun, home sauna essentials, foam roller, etc.)
How can Home Gym Australia help me?

Our ultimate goal as a gym and fitness supply store is to provide everything you need to improve, strengthen, and maintain your health and body. We have partnered with several manufacturers and distributors of the best gym equipment and fitness supplies so we can offer you a variety of high-quality products that will all be worthy of your time and money.

Purchasing all your fitness needs at Home Gym Australia is made easy with our convenient payment schemes and methods. We accept payment through cash, major credit cards, PayPal, or direct deposits. Home Gym Australia also offers several promos all year round, so saving money in maintaining your health and strength is made possible.

Should you wish to pick-up or have your purchases delivered to your home, we can make those arrangements hassle-free for you. Just keep in touch with our sales consultants so we can make a deal that works well for both of us.